What we do

At East Coast Print Co, we offer a variety of printing methods in order to accommodate your printing needs on almost any material. Some of these methods include traditional screen printing as well as vinyl heat transfers on selected items. 

Screen Printing is the Process that involves creating a screen (much like a stencil), and then using that stencil to apply 1-4 layers of ink through the stencil and onto the garment. Each color is applied one at a time using a different stencil for each color in the image to achieve the final print. Screen printing is best for Larger orders with only 1-4 colors. Because each color requires a seperate screen, there is a setup charge for each color in the image. Volume discounts are offered with screen printing, the more shirts you order the cheaper they will be, making this process the best option for orders over 20 shirts.

Vinyl transfer is much different than screen printing. This process involves cutting an image out of vinyl and transfering it to a garment with a heat press. Vinyl transfers are limited to 3 colors per design and is used for printing on hats, 100% polyester, mesh shorts, and other athletic materials. Using our Vinyl cutting technology we can also make single color decals for windows, vehicles, mugs, water bottles, and a variety of other non-textile applications. Check out our “other Services” tab for more information.

If you have any questions about which process to choose for your order, please email us at info@EastCoastPrintCo.com or call us at (904) 563-3298. Thank you for choosing East Coast Print Co. We look forward to working with you!